Work Day Recap 2015

2015 work day 1April 18, 2015...what a day to remember! Although we have praised God no matter what the circumstances, we praised Him once again for the best weather we could ask for. Not only that, we topped 200 volunteers once again. Over the past several work days we have been wonderfully happy to maintain around 150 volunteers. Some might think the lower numbers are a disappointment, but trying to keep ahead of that many people can be a challenge. So we found ourselves making great headway with the smaller, sometimes more manageable group. However, this year we knew we would be challenged as RSVP’s came in at around 185 with a good weather forecast. We prepared for the extra hands to arrive, and they came! The volunteers were diligent to work, patient when we had to make adjustments and excited to do what we asked of them.

Thank you to everyone who came and gave up their Saturday to clean-up the grounds. Each year we are blessed and amazed to see the changes that take place in about 6 hours time!

Check out the photos from this year's workday!

2015 work day 2Completed Projects: 

  • Cut down dead or dying trees; split logs for firewood
  • Reroofed 2 Day Camp Shelters
  • Built Benches for Bench Ball
    (new game coming summer 2015!)
  • Painted portion of Dining Hall & Fence
  • 10 Picnic Tables were delivered
    (built ahead of time)
  • Assembled a donated playground set for Day Campers
  • Cleaned & reset Activity Center for summer Art Hut & Rainy Day space
  • Washed down & cleaned picnic shelter bathrooms and areas
  • Cleaned out leaves & mulched garden areas around buildings
  • Cleared Strike Zone area of brush & reset bunkers
  • General leaf, branch & garbage pick-up

2015 work day 3Special Thanks

We would like to extend a special thank you to those individuals who coordinated a group from their church or organization!

2015 work day 4