Day Camp will be closed for Tuesday, July 16th and Wednesday, July 17th. We want to ensure that the property is safe before we resume our day camp programs. We will continue to provide updates as we have them.

Tree Climbing is a unique and natural climbing experience that brings challenge and adventure to every climber. This activity is designed to give opportunities for each climber to enjoy all of what the canopy and the tree itself have to offer, especially in our beautiful oak grove.  As a group, climbers may be asked to accomplish a task in order to incorporate the team building potential of this activity. 

While in the tree, climbers may be able to:  

  • branch swing
  • branch walk
  • sit in a perch
  • lay down on a branch

Event Climbs

Event climbs are geared toward groups such as schools, businesses, church staff, scout groups, birthday parties, and more. During this time, participants will learn about the tree, how to climb, how to maneuver around the tree, and how to appropriately descend.

Guided Climbs

A guided climb attracts those climbers who desire to come as an individual or in smaller groups (no more than 3). During a guided climb, participants can learn more basics of tree climbing, equipment use, pitches, and transferring from branch to branch. Added flexibility in this style of climb enables more advanced learning of the activity.

**The minimum age requirement is 3rd grade.

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