Contract Deadline

Once you tell us you are ready for a contract to be sent, you will have two weeks to get us a signed contract and a deposit. Contracts not signed and received by the date indicated on the contract will default to other parties wishing to book for the specified time period.


After your contract fee is sent with the contract, two other deposits will be due ninety (90) and thirty (30) days prior to your retreat date. Both of these deposits will be 25%, and the final amount due will be invoiced in the week following the retreat.

Contract Minimum and Maximum Policy

The guest count that appears on the contract is the minimum guaranteed number of guests. The maximum number of guests you are allowed to bring is a 25% increase of this minimum count. Manitoqua will plan to accommodate this maximum number. This maximum number may only increase if space is available and it has been approved, prior to the event, by Manitoqua management. Manitoqua will invoice following the event, which will reflect the final amount due based on actual numbers including additional guests, meals, and other services or fees incurred.

Guaranteed Attendance Number Policy

Ten (10) business days prior to the event, the contact person will contact Camp Manitoqua & Retreat Center with the final count of people attending the event. This number will be your final attendance number and must be greater than the minimum number guarantee stated on the contract, but not greater than a 25% increase of that minimum per the policy above. It is very important that this number be accurate so that Manitoqua can properly prepare for your event. Failure to contact Manitoqua with the actual number will mean that your group will assume financial responsibility for the guaranteed minimum number on this contract or the actual number attending, whichever is greater. Manitoqua is not responsible for supplying food or lodging to people who were not reported in a final count.

Cancellation Policy

When it is necessary for a retreat group to cancel an event, the contract fee and deposits are non-refundable. If the cancellation occurs at least 120 days before the scheduled event, deposits will be returned less the contract fee. When it is necessary for Manitoqua to cancel a retreat, a full refund of your contract fee and deposit will be given.

Health and Insurance Statement

Accident insurance as provided by your sponsoring body or accident insurance carried by individual retreat guests is the primary coverage. The retreat guests will be responsible for providing for their own medical personnel, first aid, first aid supplies, and emergency transportation.

Adventure Zone Participants

It is recommended that the guest group obtain medical insurance information for each participant. All guests participating in the Adventure Zone activities MUST sign the Manitoqua Medical Statement Form. These forms must be given to the course facilitator prior to participating in the activities. No guests may participate in the activities without the proper signatures on the form. If the guest is under the age of 18, a parent signature is required. For preventative reasons, no guests may be in the Adventure Zone area without a Camp Manitoqua staff instructor.

The Adventure Zone activities are team building activities. If the facilitator determines that the group is not working as a team, he/she will not progress the group to the next activity. Guests must follow the directions of the facilitator at all times. If an organization has more than 12 participating in the activities, participants are divided into groups with a maximum of 12 people. If your attending number is more than your final number, which must be communicated 10 days in advance, or the number on this contract, Camp Manitoqua will do its best to obtain the additional staff required. If we are unable to secure this staffing, these additional people will be unable to participate in the Adventure Zone activities, and you will not be billed for those additional people not participating.

Checkout times

  • Retreats | Check-out time for retreat groups is within 1 hour of the contracted end time. If your group is still on grounds after the given 1 hour grace period, your group will be subject to a $50 late fee for each additional hour. Camp Manitoqua reserves the right to request sleeping rooms/cabins be vacated at breakfast to accommodate housekeeping staff.
  • Picnic | Your group will be subject to a $50 late fee for each additional hour after your check-out time.


Aquatic Center Tickets

All unused Aquatic Center tickets are non-transferable and are non-refundable. The only way tickets can be refundable is if we cancel due to inclement weather.

Credit Cards

Each group must have a valid credit card on file with us that will only be charged if your balance is over 90 days delinquent. Discover, Visa, and MasterCard are accepted. All credit card charges will have a required 2% processing fee.


We offer all meals, additional snacks, and beverage service for groups in the ARC and Dining Hall to best serve your needs.

Meal times for the Dining hall are

  • Breakfast | 8:30-9:15am
  • Lunch | 12:00-12:45pm
  • Dinner | 5:30-6:15pm.

Meal times for ARC groups are:

  • Breakfast | 8:00-8:45am
  • Lunch | 12:30-1:15pm
  • Dinner | 6:00-6:45pm.

Meal times may be changed if scheduled before the retreat. Manitoqua chooses your menus for you, but if you have any special food requests, we can make accommodations to your menu. Arrangements need to be made prior to the event.

We ask retreat groups to be timely to all meals or please clearly indicate before your retreat if a different time will be needed. For your health and safety, we do not have any kitchen access for guests to use. Please arrange with us before your event if other needs are present for which we might be able to help you.

Cars and Parking

Driving on grounds is prohibited. Please keep this in mind when planning and packing. Parking is allowed only in Manitoqua designated areas These areas provide ample space for your group's parking needs. At NO time will ANY vehicles be allowed on grounds unless they have written permission before the event.

Wheelchair accessibility

All of our buildings have paved sidewalks leading to them at level entryways or slight ramps. Each building has wheelchair accessible bathrooms. However, our ARC, Chapel, and Dining Hall buildings only have access to upper and lower levels through outside sidewalks and ramps.


Manitoqua does provide all bedding and towels in the Adult Retreat Center. The Oaks and Cabins are not equipped with any linens.

Audio/Visual Equipment

The following items can be requested for your meeting room for no additional charge by using your set-up form prior to your event:

  • 50" LED TV | Blu-Ray Player | HDMI Cable
  • lectern
  • flipchart with markers
  • microphones

Items that incur a charge are the LCD projectors and the keyboard ($25/$50 day/weekend each). Other items may be available upon request.

Wireless Internet

We offer Wi-Fi in the Adult Retreat Center, Chapel, and Dining Hall.


The hosts can provide you a fire starter and matches by request. Firewood will be provided at your assigned fire pit. It is the group leader's responsibility to start, maintain, and put out your fire.


Pets are not allowed on our grounds. The only exceptions to this policy are service dogs.