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Upper-Level Chapel | building layout

Our chapel is a multifaceted meeting space. The upper level of our chapel has the largest meeting space on grounds accommodating a couple hundred people in chairs or the space to move around as you work on teambuilding. Two breakout rooms are available to the south and north which can accommodate upwards of 20 people in each room.

In the upper level of our building, we have our camp store and what we call The Upper Room. The Upper Room is a smaller meeting space which can accommodate upwards of 20 people. 

Lower Level Chapel | building layout

We currently have four smaller meeting rooms in the lower level of this building. The rooms are: 

  1. Room 5 | A breakout room with hardwood floors that can be divided in half by a set of French doors. 

  2. Room 6/7 | This room is similar to Room 5 but has carpet and soft furniture. The room is able to be divided in half through the use of a divider. 

  3. Room 8/9/10 | Our largest meeting space which can be divided into three separate rooms through dividers. This room comes equipped with soft furniture as well. 

  4. Room 100 | Our largest meeting space in the lower level of this building. The floors are hardwood and are great for that 75 person retreat (however not limited to 75 people). 

  5. Sleeping Room | We do have a sleeping room that can accommodate 10 people in the lower level of our Chapel. This room is typically used by adult retreat leaders who do a majority of the planning and set-up for the retreat. Guests staying in this room still need to use the bathhouse for showering. 

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