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Summer Day Camp | Summer 2022

Grades* | 1st - 8th    Programmed Time | 8:15am – 5:00pm

*For grades 1- 6 there is no limit on the number of weeks a camper can attend.  

*For grades 7-8 (day camp D) there is a limit of five day camp weeks but encounter camps are not limited.

*Registration opens February 9, 2022 @ 6:00am. (click here to register)

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Our Day Camp program strives to provide campers with a place filled with exciting classic camp activities and a place to build lasting relationships.  One week or up to ten weeks at Manitoqua is a great way for campers to make new friends, try new experiences or enjoy old ones, and be immersed in creation on our beautiful grounds.  

Campers will interact with our supportive and fun summer staff while doing activities and learning about the love of Jesus during the day here.  Day Camp is an enriching way to spend a week or ten weeks in the summer!
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