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[Family Programs]

The following programs are designed to serve families throughout the year. 

Good Friday Prayer Walk

On Good Friday every year we are blessed to open up our grounds to families as they walk through our grounds remembering the last week of Jesus' life. 

Work Day

Hundreds of people will gather on this day to help Camp get their grounds ready for the coming ministry year. Projects range from painting signs, picking up yard waste, to building small projects. This is a great way for families to come and serve the Kingdom of God together!

12,000' Run/Spring Into Summer

The 12,000' Run is a dirty, gritty, yet family-friendly obstacle course race held on Camp Manitoqua's grounds the morning of our annual Spring Into Summer. Spring into Summer is a free family event in which our pool will be open, grill will be lit, and grounds are free to be roamed and played on. 

Oak Leaf Fest

You and your family can visit our pumpkin patch to choose a pumpkin to decorate and take home with you, make s'mores over a fire, enjoy a wagon ride around our beautiful grounds, and much more.

One-Day Paintball Outings

On these days we welcome anyone that is in high school or older to come out to our Strike Zone and play paintball from 10:00am - 4:00pm.

Parents Night Out

We know the importance of parents taking some time to themselves, and we want to make sure you can do that!