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As of right now, Manitoqua Ministries is facing a $30,000 deficit in our budgeted annual gift donations.

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In this past year, excitement for the new cabins dominated our donations.  We now have received $50,000 to start the cabin project, and we are securing the permits with the village.  However, our regular donations that fund smaller improvements have decreased as donors grab on to the vision of building new cabins!

Therefore, we ask you to give a special one time gift to Manitoqua Ministries to close the gap on the shortfall.   Our fiscal year ends October 1, 2018.  We cannot do this ministry without the support of our donors.

Ways you can donate:

  • Mail a check made payable to Manitoqua Ministries to our office
  • Donate online here  

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Our theme this past year was “investing in future generations and shining Christ’s light," and thank you for supporting in that theme.  Your support for the vision, mission, and the ministry of Manitoqua Ministries not only makes a difference for today but will also impact generations to come.

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If you wish to become a regular donor and make a monthly, quarterly, or yearly gift to Manitoqua Ministries, you can set up your giving portfolio here