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Our Dining Hall is built to serve up to 212 guests at a sitting. This facility is where our cabin guests, Oaks guests, and day meeting guests will come for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We offer a full-service coffee/tea station, and our meals are served buffet style. 

In the lower level of this building, we have another one of our meeting spaces. The Board Room is a great meeting space for those smaller-mid size groups (10-40ish people). This room comes with soft furniture on one-half and is able to have a table and chair set-up on the other end. We provide groups using this space a 50" TV that is mounted on a stand that can be wheeled around. The sound from the TV should be heard by everyone in your group within these group size. We supply you with an HDMI cable that is able to be hooked up to your device.

*Please note: If you do not have an HDMI input on your device, you will need to supply your own adapter. 

Lastly, this is where you will find our Game Room. Retreat guests are welcome to this room free of charge during your stay. It serves as a great hang out space while you enjoy playing carpet ball, table tennis, pool, and air hockey, or you can utilize the tables for card games. 

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