We will be available via email and phones will be answered from 8:30am - 4:00pm. Due to local mitigations, we will be publishing our SUMMER CAMP information as soon as we can. 


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  • Sleeps a total of 64 guests
  • 32 guests will utilize one set of bathrooms
  • Linens are not provided in this cabin
  • One complimentary meeting space comes with your stay in our cabins

  • To obtain half of the cabin you will need to have a range of 26-32 guests
  • To obtain three-quarters of the cabin you will need a range of 33-38 guests
  • To obtain the whole cabin you will need a range of 49-64 guests. 

  • If you wish to rent out additional sleeping quarters within this cabin you may do so for $500/sleeping quarter per night.