Laura Vroom | Executive Director

Laura is in charge of leading the ministry in a forward-thinking direction and trying to discern what's next for the organization. She oversees fundraising for the ministry as well as leading the staff in its organizational goals. 

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Leah Meskis | Operations Director

Leah is responsible for making sure things run effectively in the office and kitchen. She gives oversight to the finances of the ministry and assists with the marketing of the organization.

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Nathan Phillips | Program Director

Nathan is responsible for overseeing the implementation of our organizational goals as it pertains to summer camp, retreats, and outdoor education. He also oversees the overall care of every guest on our property. 

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 Landon 2  

Landon Jones | Office Coordinator

The Office Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the front office is effective and hospitable. They oversee the summer camp registration process, serve on the marketing team, manage bookkeeping, and assist our Executive Director. 

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Tamara McDonald | Volunteer Coordinator

Tamara is responsible for coordinating schedules and projects with our volunteers. 

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Stefan Grantham | Guest Services Coordinator

Stefan is responsible for guests that come for a day meeting or want to stay overnight in our buildings. He cares for guests from inquiry to invoice to ensure they have a positive experience. He also oversees the summer lifeguards. 

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Nathalee LoCoco | Program Coordinator

Nathalee is responsible for overseeing our summer camp program and other year-round programs. She hires and trains all summer staff counselors for the summer camp program.  

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Joe McHugh | Outdoor Education Coordinator

Joe is responsible for overseeing our Outdoor Education program.  He cares for guest to ensure they have a positive experience while they are at the Adventure Zone.  

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Tom Deuter | Facilities Coordinator

Tom is responsible for everything that needs to be fixed and having the grounds ready to care for our guests' arrival.   

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