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Birchwood Updates

In the spring of 2024, Camp Manitoqua will finish construction on another new building called the Birchwood Cabin.  Birchwood is named after a program from the 80's where campers in the 5th and 6th grades would come to overnight/residental camp.  This new cabin will contain 4 cabins in one!  Each individual cabin will house 16 total beds (increase of 3 beds over our old cabins!). There is a little area separated by a wall for our 2 summer staff counselors which leaves beds for 14 campers.  This cabin also includes 2 bathrooms - the primary reason for the upgrade!

We are excited for this improvement to our aging facilities and we ask for your support during this project.  This new building is better equipped to handle today's program needs (needing to sleep 2 counselors in each cabin and providing a safe way for campers and counselors to use the bathroom at night!)

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Below you can follow along the progress of the project and enjoy the anticipation of completion for summer 2024!

Flooring Prep - November 2023

Birchwood - Fourth Update - Flooring Prep– Image 1 of 7


Foundation - October 2023 

Birchwood - Third Update - Foundation (Oct 2023)– Image 1 of 7

Demolition of Cabin A & B - October 2023

Why are we taking down our old cabins? We love the nostalgic look and feelings of our cabins, especially the triple high bunks. However, they were built between 1955 and 1956 and they were not built to house people in the winter.  So between the issues they have due to their age (rotting wood), the cost to maintain and heat them has resulted in the decision to begin to replace them. We first replaced Cabins G & H with the Acorn Cabin. Now we replace Cabin A & B with Birchwood! 

Birchwood - Second Update - Demo (Oct 2023)– Image 1 of 8

The Well - August 2023 

Birchwood - First Update - The Well (Aug 2023)– Image 1 of 2


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