Some people question the need for retreats by saying things like, "Why would I pack my entire office up and drive to the middle of nowhere just to have a meeting or retreat?" The answer to statements like these are simple - you don't have to come on a retreat to do those things. However, we like to add a little tag-line or twist through explaining that it is most fitting to get away or it would serve you and/or your group better to get away. After all, part of our vision statement says, "We desire Manitoqua to be a place where people of all ages come for spiritual renewal, fellowship, and fun, or simply a quiet reprieve from the hectic pace of everyday life."

Retreating and getting away from the phones, emails, and countless meetings will better serve you and/your group in whatever needs you may have. Maybe the need to get away is for calendar planning with your core team. Are you looking for a place to develop new leaders and get them introduced to your mission and vision? Or maybe you are just looking to get out of the office and simply have some fun and work on teambuilding. Whatever your need is, let us be the ones to serve you and take all the work out of planning for you. 

 So have we convinced you yet? Great! Choose from one of our four lodging facilities