We will be available via email and phones will be answered from 8:30am - 4:00pm. Our office will be closed November 23 - December 1. 

Our Adventure Zone commonly refers to the following activities: 

Initiatives (team building/challenge course)

Whether stand alone or done in conjunction with other activities, our teams course will in some way be a part of your team building experience. This course consists of twelve ground initiatives, three low ropes courses, and dozens of portable activities. 

Climbing Tower

Our (4) 40’ Climbing Towers provide a challenge to any climber, experienced or not. We encourage each participant to set his/her own goals, whether that goal is a foot off the ground or the top. 

Zip Line

The Zip Line is a high element activity which provides a thrilling ride and the challenge of working together. It can be difficult to take that initial step in trying anything new in life.  Here, a participant must face stepping off a platform 30' in the air to be rewarded with a 200' zip ride.

High Ropes

Our High Ropes course consists of two levels, each containing ten elements which allow participants to move between levels independently

Power Pole

Our Power Pole consists of a 20’ utility pole where participants will climb their way to the top of the pole, maintain their balance, stand on top, and then leap forward off the pole. This element challenges people on many levels, from overcoming a fear of heights to relying on a team for support.

Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing is a unique and natural climbing experience that brings challenge and adventure to every climber. This activity is designed to give opportunities for each climber to enjoy all of what the canopy and the tree itself have to offer, especially in our beautiful oak grove.  As a group, climbers may be asked to accomplish a task in order to incorporate the team building potential of this activity.