2016 Fall Newsletter

In this edition of the Manitoqua Messenger, you will find the following articles: 

2016 fall newsletter_coverPhone Sick at Camp

"Leaving for sleepaway camp is, for many children, a major step toward independence. Today, when cellphones keep parents and children in nearly constant contact, the fact that most camps have phone-free policies makes breaking away even more of a challenge." - Jill Harris

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2017 Fiscal Year Goals

We are humbled and overwhelmed at what the Lord has done through the ministry of Camp Manitoqua this year. We wanted to rejoice and celebrate what God has done and convey that using the images and numbers you see below. We understand that ministry and the work of the Holy Spirit is not all about numbers, but these numbers help show tangible fruit of what God is doing through His Kingdom here at Camp Manitoqua.

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