2018 Work Day Recap



As April 21, 2018 approached, the word “uncertainty” best describes the thoughts of the staff.  Snow fell in the area on Monday, April 16.  Temperatures prevented the staff from opening up the main shelter bathrooms.  We had a sizeable group having RSVP’d, but we asked ourselves the question, “Will they come if the temperatures are 30 degrees at 8am?”  We know and trust that the Lord is faithful; we know that He will provide. But these questions kept us at that level of uncertainty for most of the week.  The more we talked and tried to plan, our uncertainty turned to a level of peace.  Even if the circumstances didn’t change to have the ideal weather day, we knew we would get some projects completed and others would have to come later. 

[photos from the day]


You see, we have a great support system here at Manitoqua.  We knew that if we couldn’t get the work done on Saturday the 21st, we could get the word to our supporters and ask them for help in May to finish, and it would have been done.  But as it stands, the temperatures warmed, and we had a beautiful day for working on April 21.  The support of the volunteers accomplished great things.  Thank you, volunteers, and thank you to those who also helped fund the projects!


Special Thanks:

 Completed Projects:

  • Pickle Shack Deck Platform Decked, Redesign & Build of Stairs
  • Shelter Repair
  • Dining Hall & Office Deck Repair
  • AZ Storage Shelving Built
  • Fence Post Redug & Repaired
  • Box Hockey Stick Replacements Made
  • Multiple Dead Trees Removed & Cleaned-up
  • Chain Saw Crews – Trees & Trails
  • Cleaned Out Leaves & Mulched Garden Areas Around Buildings
  • General Leaf, Branch & Garbage Pick-up
  • Set Up Summer Program Supplies & Signs
  • Painted Office Bathroom
  • Assembled Manuals & Other Office Tasks