Work Day Recap 2019

dsc_0297_33895195708_oWell, on our 16th work day, we experienced a first. SNOW! From its inception in 2004, the work day has been free of snow until this year, 2019! We knew going into the day that this was going to be a tough work day with the temperatures and forecast. The temperatures at the start of the day were around 40 with a forecast of rain. We contacted as many of the volunteers as we could to make it clear we were starting early hoping to get some projects done ahead of the rain. Everyone was so flexible and wonderful! They showed up early and some even earlier than we asked. The rain came and many continued to work. They worked until they reached a stopping point or just needed to finally go in and warm up with an early lunch!


At one point, I was dumping leaves in the yard waste bin. A father and young son came up to the bin to do the same. I shared with them that they did not have to keep working through this rain. The dad simply shrugged his shoulders and said that they were doing okay and would at least finish the area they had started. His response prompted a beautiful moment for me. We have had 100-150 volunteers every year for 16 years. I know Manitoqua has been blessed with great volunteers. In that moment, watching this dad choose service over comfort, I experienced again just how blessed the ministry of Manitoqua is.


God has been taking care of this place from the beginning and He continues to faithfully bring people to work hard for his glory and his name. I am so thankful for that dad and that moment. Thankful for the many who showed up. I know not everyone could come – many did choose to stay home and we are completely okay with that too! It was a horribly cold and rainy day. But Manitoqua truly does have the best volunteers and I am thankful to meet each of you as you join us on this work day!

Leah Meskis, 

Operations Director