What is the Gospel?

Summer has come to a close. The pool has been drained. Camp looks and sounds a little different these days.

However, as we move into a new season here at camp (retreats & outdoor education), we welcome a new batch of interns (who you will meet soon enough). These interns are here for a year and will experience things like:

  • How to show hospitality to a retreat group through the means of hosting meals and caring for needs as they arise.
  • Leading numerous stations with Outdoor Education (high ropes, initiatives, fishing, orienteering, paintball, etc…)
  • Coming up with a long term project that will require each intern to consider budgets, timelines, workload, and how this project fits into the overall mission and vision of Camp Manitoqua.
  • Complete numerous tasks that occur throughout a day such as answering phones, taking out trash, giving tours of our grounds, helping build random projects, and so much more!

One of their first assignments that they have within their Internship Development process is to read this simple book from Greg Gilbert, What is the Gospel. When we handed them this book the interns looked a little miffed. As they looked at the title we can only image they were thinking things like, “haven’t we already covered this?” or, “I have been a Christian for quite some time now, I have a pretty good grasp on the Gospel.” We understand that these interns have a firm grasp on the Cross and what was accomplished by Jesus on that Good Friday. However, in our proclamation of that Good News (evangelism), the message gets a little fuzzy on what we share with people. Some like to start all the way at the beginning in the Garden, some go right to the Cross, while others talk about the effects of the Gospel (what’s in it for us?).

what is the gospel_pg 4
So as the interns read this book we want them to come away with a clear definition of the Gospel. We also want them to be clear and concise when an opportunity presents itself to share this Good News with guests and campers. The same should be true for all of us. Having a clear understanding of what the Gospel message is and knowing how to proclaim that message is just as important for the stay at home mom, the work from home dad, CEO, plumber, lawn care technician, or student. We all have the mission to go and tell people about the One who has come to make all things right so that we have the opportunity to call Him our Father! This book, What is the Gospel, just so happens to be the vehicle in which that discussion and heart change takes place.


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