Manitoqua Messenger | Spring 2016

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In this edition of the Manitoqua Messenger, you will find the following articles: 

Building Relationships

"One of the beautiful things that I know as a Christian and get to see on regular basis at Manitoqua is watching servant-hearted people who love the Lord use their time, talents, and treasures for the Great Commission work, to further God's kingdom. They readily do it for the sake of other so that ultimately God will be glorified." Continue reading on page 5.

Why Retreating Builds Relationships

Do relationships even matter? Why talk to people about things when you can save time by sending a text message or an email? These are the questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis while we have our morning cup of coffee or tea as we scroll through the morning newspaper. Because of this reality, we so often forget just how vital deep relationships are to the human experience. Humans were (and still are) created by God to be relational, and thus the relationships He puts in our lives do indeed matter. Continue reading on page 7. 

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