Day Meetings & Retreats

Policies & Procedures

In light of COVID-19



  • Recommended that guests communicate to group leader if they are experiencing COVID_19 symptoms
  • Group size must be fewer than 50 guests



  • We will do our best to accommodate your room set-ups in a way that allows for social distancing

  • Sanitizing spray will be made available for your group throughout the duration of your event should you need to wipe down your tables or chairs. Manitoqua staff will not interrupt your meeting to sanitize this space

  • Guests should wear face-covering over their nose and mouth


  • Common bathrooms are open and available for guests to use. There will be disinfectant spray made available in the bathrooms for guests to use when they are finished. Manitoqua staff will clean common bathrooms three times a day (during meal times)


Dining Hall

  • We can seat a total of 92 people in our dining hall. Guests will sit 6-8 to a table. We recommend wearing a mask during the meal, except when consuming food

  • Groups will serve themselves out of the buffet lines as normal

  • Manitoqua staff will come through at the end of the meal and make sure tables and chairs are cleaned to the standards set out by the CDC

Adult Retreat Center

  • We will be able to seat a max of 32 people in which 6 people are around a table

  • Groups will utilize the buffet-style set-up as normal