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The following nature studies are designed to teach students about the the various parts and elements of nature. We strive to provide lessons and activites that are best done using the elements of nature. We have carefully chosen the following studies because we feel like we can provide students with the appropriate information in a way that is comprehendable and fun.

*All activites are designed to take place within a one hour rotation.

Bird Study

During this study, participants will observe the behavior of birds through binoculars as they feed. They will take note of what birds eat, the behavior in which they eat around other birds, as well as characteristics about specific bird species.

*Grades: 5th and up 

Decomposition Study

Our Decomposition Study is an in-depth study of natural decomposition along our nature trails. During this time, participants will observe/identify fungi and other decomposers while discovering different stages of decomposition.

*Grades: 5th and up 

Fishing Study

During the fishing study, participants will learn how to use a spin-casting reel, how to bait a hook using live worms, and how to appropriately cast a line. Fishing takes place on the shores of Camp’s pond, where fishermen and women are able to find bluegill, largemouth bass, yellow bull head, and perhaps even the mighty gold fish.

*Grades: 5th and up 

Food Chain Study

Participants will come to understand the food chain through various fun activities. They will also learn the functions and roles of producers, as well as primary, secondary, and tertiary consumers.

*Grades: 5th and up 

Forest Study

Participants will spend their time identifying different parts of a forest. In this study different trees and their leaves will be identified, natural decomposition will be observed, and participants will come to understand the competition trees endure while searching for sunlight and energy.

*Grades: 5th and up 


*If you do not see a study on here that you would like your group to expereince, please contact us at 815.469.2319. We are more than willing to try and work with you to to develop a study that would work for your group. If we cannot provide the exact study for you, we will try our best to get as close as possible to your desired outcomes.