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We live in a world that is often confronted with the question “What is truth?” The stats are staggering with the number of millennials leaving the Christian faith, adults questioning it, and children flat out becoming ignorant to knowing there is a Creator.

Camp Manitoqua, therefore, seeks to provide an environment in which guests of all ages may encounter grounds, buildings, programming, and staff that point them to Truth. Truth that never fades or fails. Truth that saves and sustains. Truth that can only be found in Jesus Christ.

We can’t accomplish this goal alone, and neither can you.  It’s supposed to be that way. We don’t need just another hand-out. We don’t intend to tug on your heart strings of guilt for money. We are looking for people to join us in various capacities throughout the year as we, by God’s grace, work diligently and tirelessly at sharing the timeless Truths of Jesus Christ to the thousands of guests we serve each year.

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