Volunteer Highlight - April 2023

Camp Manitoqua was blessed to have 14 members of Alto Reformed Church from Waupun, Wisconsin spend three days of their Easter Spring break at camp completing some of the items on our ongoing project list.  By the time they left, they had gutted 3 guest room bathrooms in our Adult Retreat Center, installed new sinks and flooring & prepped for new shower stalls, cut up 3 downed trees that fell in recent storms, made new firepit seating for one of our firepits, removed a storage wall in our Dining Hall kitchen to create more space for prepping food, patched a ceiling and tiled floor as a result of that project, organized additional areas in the DH kitchen, painted the interior of one of our cabins, removed railroad ties from around our east playground and moved them to another area to designate parking for our summer staff, changed the oil and tuned up our mowers, gators and trucks, split wood and restacked our wood hoppers, and cleared and cleaned a house on the property that is undergoing renovation.  It certainly is true that many hands make light work and it is amazing all that was accomplished due to their skills, expertise, time, effort and servants’ hearts. 

But more importantly, they spent time worshipping with our staff each night.  The camp staff had a chance to share stories of how this place is impacting individuals and the world for God's kingdom.  The members of Alto joined and shared their own stories.  They prayed for each other and members of their church who are struggling.  They sang songs.  Both young and not so young gave up their time this week to share their gifts with the camp and to allow God's Spirit to change their lives for His purposes. We appreciate you Alto Reformed Church!  And we look forward to the next time!


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