2014 Work Day Recap

2014 work day thank youOn Saturday April 12, 2014 there were 146 adults and youth who joined the Manitoqua team to spend their day preparing the Camp Manitoqua and King’s Camp grounds for the summer camp and retreat season. This year we had a beautiful day managing an array of projects around our grounds. God has given us a tremendous blessing, the Church. It would be difficult for us to imagine what the ministry of Camp Manitoqua would be like if we did not have the support of local churches and our brothers and sisters in Christ co-laboring alongside us on a day like Work Day.

This is especially true considering that a part of the purpose of Manitoqua Ministries is to provide support to the churches in order to call people to “a personal commitment to Christ as their Savior and Lord”. We desire that relationship where we support one another. Watching people who have met for the first time accomplish dirty and sometimes difficult jobs all out of a common love for Camp and for the Lord is a humbling experience for us. When we come together to co-labor for great Kingdom purposes in His name, we believe God receives all the honor and glory. Without your help on days like the Work Day, we would not be able to serve guests the way we do. Thank you!

Completed Projects

Here are the following projects that were completed by our volunteers! You will see that some were very dirty. Be sure to check out our photos to get an idea of just how much fun the groups had.

  • 2014 workday recap photo #2Built bunkers at the speed ball section of our Paintball course over at the Strike Zone
  • Cut down fallen trees, split logs for firewood and chipped up brush & branches for mulching
  • Removal of stumps from fall storm
  • Built & Painted Decorations for Summer Camp 2014
  • Cut box hockey sticks for the summer as well as made some brand new box hockey boxes.
  • Painted new signage for our main buildings
  • Assembled a donated playground set for our Explorer Day campers
  • Assembled a new gazebo near our pond
  • Repaired a damaged roof at the Well
  • Cleaned & Reset Areas in the Activity Center for our summer Art Hut & Rainy day space
  • Assembled Summer Staff manuals
  • Washed down & cleaned picnic shelter bathrooms and areas
  • Cleaned out leaves & mulched multiple garden areas
  • Log Clean-up & Nature Trail Maintenance
  • Raked the leaves out of the end of the pond
  • Improved Water flow in specific areas
  • Painted multiple cabins & other benches around camp

Special Thanks

We want to extend a special thank you to individuals who increased the effectiveness of this event through their leadership in organizing groups.

  • 2014 workday recap photo #3Don Teunissen - the project leader from First Reformed Church in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin
  • Jennifer Stitnizky – Providence Bank
  • Patrick Daly – Storm Tree Services
  • Tiffany Johnston - Calvary Church, Orland Park, IL
  • Dan Applegate - Christ Community Church, Lemont, IL
  • Alicia Betts-Garrett - Roberts Road, Justice, IL & Parkview Church, Mokena, IL
  • Paul Vroom - Missio Dei Church, New Lenox, IL
  • Mark Nunnikhoven - Provinet
  • Chuck Liebbe - American Reformed Church, DeMotte, IN
  • Bruno Brouwer - Calvin Christian Reformed Church, Oak Lawn, IL
  • Caleb Goosen - Cornerstone Church, New Lenox, IL
  • Valerie Lott – Cadets Group
  • Kyle Wessels – Peace Community Church, Frankfort, IL
  • Kasey Stelmaszek – Lewis University