As the famous Christmas holiday song goes, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth." If only we all could go back to the days when Christmas lists were simple to make (if you had to make one at all). But the older we get the trickier that list gets to make (if you even still make one)! Many of us have all of our needs taken care of and a lot of our wants are simple enough we could purchase them ourselves. 

As a ministry, we actually still have many needs and a few wants that could help us further the work that we do here day in and day out. Items on our list will help us with our summer camp programs, allow for a retreat guest to have a better experience, or simply a good stock up on the essentials. 

If you are looking for tangible ways to physically support Camp Manitoqua would you consider helping us out by purchasing something off of this Amazon Wish List? You can either have it sent to our office at 8122 W Sauk Trail Frankfort, IL 60423 or you can stop by and drop the items off at our office!

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Looking for other ways to support the ministry of Camp Manitoqua & Retreat Center? 

  1. Jars for Kids
  2. Facemasks*
  3. Camp Store Items (great for Christmas gifts)*
  4. Summer Staff Support