Help us finish the year strong!

What has God taught us during Covid?  We have learned that His kingdom is more important now than ever.  Would you consider partnering with us to teach the next generation to always know Who to follow no matter what they face?  

Every Tuesday we will be posting something called Touchpoint Tuesday which will highlight a way in which you can help support the ministry. 

Every week you can send in a year-end donation along with a Touchpoint Tuesday. And to raise excitement – every week we will reveal more of 2021’s summer camp logo. Thank you for your continued support to further His Kingdom.  

Over the next 8 weeks here are the ways you will be able to support Camp Manitoqua: 

  1. Jars for Kids
  2. Facemasks*
  3. Camp Store Items (great for Christmas gifts)*
  4. Summer Staff Support
  5. Wish List
  6. Key Chains*
  7. Year-End Donation
  8. Year-End Donation

 website_year end Donate Now

*Items purchased are not considered a gift-in-kind and do not qualify for a year-end tax-deductible letter. 

**Additionally, the areas of support listed above are for general support and not a specific asking. All general donations are free of restrictions and are to be used as the ministry of Camp Manitoqua & Retreat Center (Manitoqua Ministries) see appropriate.

***New charitable tax deduction for 2020 only: if you do not itemize you can deduct $300 above and beyond this year.  Please consider donating $300 to Manitoqua this year to claim that deduction.